Happy to See You!

Come join us as we navigate life with kids,work and play! See my new designs and decorating ideas as I 'stage 'our home(my funny husbands words!) Come treasure hunting,you never know where we may end up and what we will make! Join the party as we throw open our home and have some fun!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

At The Cottage for the rest of the week...

Hello! We arrived at Elkorn Resort tuesday evening. Thanks to my fabulous inlaws we have a lovely cottage to use from time to time. DH and I have already each had a hot rock massage at the Soltice Spa with more to come...tomorrow I am attempting to rescue some cinnamom buns as I forgot the brown sugar,I'll share the outcome with some pics!
Be Peaceful!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Mackenna Found A Sampler !!

On Saturday Mackenna and I where at out favorite treasure store looking for books to take to the cabin with us this week when she came across this She was very excited as She is reading a lot of historical fiction and had read about little girls making samplers in the 'olden days' but had never seen one! For the priceof .45 cents!She now owns one!

We plan to frame it or have it framed and hang it in her room, It will compliment the groovey pink peace princess theme I am sure! :)

Urban Stylist in the Country

Welcome! Stay for a visit! I walk the line between Urban convenience and Country Comfort. Life is a whirlwind with a new baby an 8 year old darling daughter,and 2 big boys with their ever changing busy lives! We work from home , entertain as often as we can get a group together..LIVE! LOVE! LAUGH!
Designing is my passion from Boutique Children's clothing to items for the home..come treasure hunting with me while I share my ideas,designs,photos,and eventually giveaways! Junking,Lunching,Baby and Me yoga,never know where we will end up!
We live in a small community 20 minutes from large city. We are involved in ringette,snowmobiling and all the fun things that happen in small towns! See the group around a front yard fireplace? That could be us.
It's a Good Life we Thank the Lord and Take the Dirt Road!