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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Harvest Celebration in Our Yard

 Autumn is my favorite time to decorate! I wished it lasted longer....rain and snow in the forecast today and it is only Oct 4! Other years I have created a haystack out of bales,facing the front street and decorated it in Harvest Celebration! This year I decided to decorate out fire pit area..I only saw the other decorations when I was driving in or out of the yard,this way  I see them and enjoy them way more! Every year I get bales and cornstalks from a very nice Farmer who lives down the road. I have been collecting scarecrows and pumpkins made from wood,ceramic,and any other material that can stay outdoors,fall foliage of all types,and anything else that catches my eye!I have always used white lights,however this year I added vintage light strings with solid orange lights form the 50's and translucent orange lights from the 70's. I keep an eye out for 'Harvest' decorations all year long at thrift stores,yard sales and the like.
 I really love the orange lights! They add a nice Autumn glow! The bench by the fireplace is handmade,scored two of them at a thrift shop for a great deal! I wish I had a fire going for these pictures,however it has been so dry there was a fire ban on!
                                Sweet little girl scarecrow hanging on the porch. Another thrifty find!
 2 of my bale vignettes have net lights draped over them,such a handy innovation! Fall flowers in a green pressed tin looking coffee pot. Thrift store strikes again!
 The second of the 2 benches. Adorable little wood painted pumpkins. Fall foliage in a rusted looking metal water trough.
 The Littles and I brought  home dozens of pumpkins which our 3 year old delights in carrying all over the yard!

 We brought home one huge pumpkin! The biggest we could lift,weighs about 40lbs.
 My childhood Radio Flyer Super(restored by my little bro) carry's pumpkins, presents or flowers,depending on the season!
                                        Crows are no problem here with all the Scarecrow cuteness!
              Looking into the firepit area from the yard. Can you tell how much I love those orange lights?
 Sitting out in the evening enjoying the lights and a fire are some of my favorite times!
                                             Harvest Celebration Aglow!
                                           Orange Vintage lights and fall foliage adorn the yard swing.
                                             I really want to share that 'Harvest Glow'!
                                                    Hay Bale vignette at dusk.
                                                     My own little Full Moon! I have a few more of these to launch ,easy to do once   you source the 'moons'Watch for these in a new post!
                                                  Thank-you for touring my Harvest Celebration!
                                                      Comments are very welcome! :)


  1. beauteous, as always! you are so creative! Wanna come outfit my front steps?! I haven't even bought my pumpkins yet...still trying to find the cheapest ones!

  2. I can't wait to get to the pumpkin patch after seeing this harvest post! I might just have to make a scarecrow too this year. Visiting from @ DearCreatives.com

  3. Wow...there was alot of work put into this. Great photos showing the details.♥
    Laurie @ pride in photos

  4. Love the lighting at night photos - it's so festive and puts you in the Fall mood - but it's 94 degrees right now where I'm at - ugh.

  5. Hello, and thanks for linking to the PUMPKIN PARTY!! You are definitely helping to make it a more fun, more informational party. I haven't seen big orange lights like you have. I wonder if your "moon" is the same as my "moon". Here is the link to my "moon".
    Be sure to come by and link up your moon on the Pumpkin Party, too. Happy Fall Season,Linda

  6. What a wonderful post. Loving all of the wonderful pumpkins. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. I'm sorry it's taken me a little while to stop by and say thank you xo

  7. nice decorating. I wish for some outside decorations. Maybe I will make some if all else fails. Thanks for stopping by Feeding Nine on A Dime.

  8. What great Fall decor! I too am always so anxious to decorate for this Season. It's just so darn fun! Love your collection of scarecrows. One can never have too many pumpkins. lol!
    p.s. now following you.