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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Diaper Cake Surprise! Rectangle Shape Filled With Goodies!

 I was excited to be invited to a Family Style shower(the whole Family was invited) I had been wanting to make a Diaper Cake. And the Families throwing the shower are Ukrainian and Filipino ,the best party food around! I googled diaper cake photos and how-to's,but being a crafty kind of gal decided to go my own way. This cake is our gift as well as a decoration so I wanted to fill it with lots of goodies too. I also choose not to use small size 1 diapers as my kids did not linger very long in that size and I want the diapers to be put to good use so I used size 2. I was also inspired by the memory of traditional birthday cakes where each slice had a  wax paper wrapped surprise in it a coin or other trinket. Ever have one of those?
 The before photo shows all the items I thought I may use, the tray was a fun base to build the cake on and made it easy to transfer. I used 72 diapers,curling ribbon,2 inch ribbon,and many stuffers.
 The first layer I centered a package of baby wipes in the center of the tray,measured a piece of curling ribbon to tie to hold the diapers. Adding diapers as I went tying the string tight when I had the space filled.
 I choose to fold rather than roll,elastic,tape or glue the diapers,worked well for me. A simple fold in half.
 Top view. As I folded diapers and inserted into the string the shape started to emerge,it would be easy to manipulate into a square or circle.
 The second layer was shaped around a box of diaper cream.
 I tucked in some more lotions and potions. This gave the second layer a firm foundation.
 Front view of the two stacked layers,nice and sturdy. The curling ribbon will remain in place after trimming with a nice 2 inch finishing ribbon.
 The third layer is supported by a shampoo bottle and powder canister(not in photo). I then built a fourth layer around the tops of the container,the fourth layer is covered by the Lion stuffy.
Taaadaaa! Cute,right? I trimmed it out with Baby Ted's name in foam letters. I tucked the other goodies around the back and sides as I wanted a clean look for the front. I added curling ribbon in blue and silver the colors of the finishing ribbon. The finishing ribbon is attached with a spot of hot glue in the back,glue ribbon onto itself not to the diapers. I would make another in a heartbeat! Fun and crafty,just how I like it!


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    1. Rosemary
      Thank-you for stopping by and you kind words!

  2. This is the cutest gift ever! I love it!! We are getting ready for a baby shower where I teach. I have to make this adorable gift. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. So happy to have you share this cute idea. Your newest follower, too! :)

    1. Thank-you Kathy for the kind words and support! Enjoy making your Diaper cake,I can;t wait to make another!

  3. That's so cute! I love how all the stuff is hidden inside! Thanks for linking up at The Little Giggler!