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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thrifty Finds this Week and A Summer Fav or two!

 I do enjoy a Treasure Hunt! I decorate for Autumn/Fall /Harvest and then Halloween form top to bottom inside and out..I found this lovely quite perfect Tureen for $3 this summer! I will probably only ever use it for display and have been pondering if I should spray it red or orange...Suggestions??
 My $10 haul this week! The halloween items are starting to show up here and there.
 Two huge bundles of white icicle lights! These have a ton of uses and will show up in projects all year long. Love the white cords..
 Giggly votive holders with wiggly arms. LED votive holders of course with the curious toddler in the House!!
 A pair of spooky fingerless gloves for Sister and more Halloweeny votive love! I usually do not like a lot of small things around the house,however I only add Halloween to my Harvest decor for a couple of days so I don't mind in this case.
 Jars!Jars Jars! I lopve housing EVERYTHING in my pantry in jars. 2 more for the collection! 

 A peek in my pantry at a few of my goody filled jars. You can tour the whole pantry including the Pantry door with re-purposed vintage ceiling tiles in another post. http://urbanstylistinthecountry.blogspot.ca/2011/09/pantry-room-in-my-view-mondays.html
 I love sea creatures and glass..this Turtle will join the menagerie!
 Koi fish grace this polished rock...Just Lovely!
Another favorite this summer for under a dollar is this vintage(I think?) Gingerbread cookie jar. Christmas Cookie Jars are all over the top of my kitchen cabinets come November 12.
Thank-you for sharing my Treasure Hunt! What is your favorite Thrifty Find?

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  1. some great finds thanks for coming by my blog I'm now following you