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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hamburger Muffins Meal or Man-appetizers! Tailgaters too!

Hamburger Muffins were a neighborhood favorite growing up! My Mom liked to bring them to parties, knowing men didn't want fussy little appy's, this was something to eat!

  • Makes 8 doz

  • 8 loaves of brown bread-day old works best

  • 4lbs hamburger(I used 3 pounds subbing 4 cups finely chopped mushrooms)

  • 4 cup bread crumbs

  • 4eggs

  • 4 cans mushroom soup(I use cambell's,we like the taste)

  • 2 cups diced onion

  • 4 cups diced green pepper

  • 4 dashes Worcestershire sauce

  • 4 cups your favorite shredded cheese mixture-optional

  • Trim the bread crusts off(I save for breadcrumbs and stuffing)

  • Butter bread on one side.

  • Place butter side down in muffin tins,making a little 'nest'

Bake in 400 degree oven for 15 minutes. Enjoy! Hamburger muffins freeze well and can be warmed in oven or microwave. If someone tries making these with ground round I would love to know how they turn out!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Extreme Couponing in Canada Tuesday's Deals are Everywhere Coffee deals!

This weeks post is a good reminder that great deals are everywhere! We just need to keep our eyes open! While running into a local store to pick-up a great deal on TP,on sale and I had a coupon,I spotted a bunch of coffee in a clearence bin. $1.99 for cans and k-cups. I'll take those! I loaded them in my cart,I was thinking I know I have coupons for this brand,when I spotted a pad instore for $1.50 off any. Each of these coffees cost .50 CENTS! This is savings of over $100! :)

When I am in a hurry I do not take the time to scout around for deals so I was lucky this one caught my eye! The k-cups will be put to good use and the cans will be tucked into the Christmas Hamper Stash!

Extreme Couponing in Canada Tuesdays Christmas Shopping and Dollar Store deals

I got a great start on Christmas Shopping at Walmart yesterday-using overages! I cannot post the pictures as there are two foot spies everywhere. However I can tell you that 2011 Magical Barbie, 2 dozen Dinky toys,two very large noisy trucks and various stocking stuffers are hidden away for that magical day. Out of pocket $8 saved,$135! I also picked up a few Autumn decorating items for myself. I like to get my personal holiday shopping taken care of early and then I can focus on Christmas Hamper shopping and deal hunting, It also helps me not to buy more of those great deals for my kids when I know there surprises are plentiful and ready to go!
How many shopping days left? :)

Couponing at the dollar store? OH! Yeah!! The $ store already has great deals on things we use and love! I would have paid the $2 for these Nivea pumps and re-fills. Being that there is a $2 Nivea coupon out(actually there are two different ones) Free is fine by me! I chose to buy more re-fill pouches then dispensers because thet hold more soap,better deal! 21 refills are off to the foodbank the rest to the Christmas Hamper stash!
When our $ stores started accepting coupons we did a walk thru to see what they had and started to look for and trade applicable coupons. Bring your binder with you when you shop as a lot of name brand beauty,food,and cosmetics shows up on their shelves!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Parmesan Hamburger Cassarole Cook with Friends!

Ever wondered what 24 cups of cooked curly noodles looked like? :) I recently attended a cook with friends night, What a great time! 8 ladies got together bringing ingredients prepped(diced,sliced,browned)for 2 recipes. ingredients for 8 meals of each recipe. We all shared in assembly, had a lots of laughs and a little wine and left with 16 DIFFERENT MEALS EACH! Full freezers! Meals are crockpot, oven or stirfry ready! One of the meals I shared was Parmesan Hamburger Cassarole.
  • 16 lbs cooked ground beef
  • 8 cups onions sauted
  • 24cups cooked curly pasta
  • 4 cups parm cheese
  • 8 cups of corn
  • 8 cups shredded cheese mix
  • 8 cans of mushrooms soup
That is a lot of meat,I got out 3 electric fry pans and got'er done! LOL! Combine all ingredient I did this in 8 bowls to ensure a good mixture.Package and freeze. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 50-60 minutes.
Meals could be in freezer bags or containers,I used these containers with lids I could write instructions on,love them! I also contributed 8 family size calzones. Coming soon.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sewing for Kids..upcycled Denim,Pillowcase dresses+more

Girlie's love to twirl! Twirl skirt and butterfly appliques top. I have recentley had some questions on learning to sew for kids. This post is to explain what I have designed and sold in the past. A picture is worth a thousand words!
I love using vintage linens of all types! Up cycling at it's best!
Does She not look just like a cream puff!
Vintage Table cloth halter dress
Wiggles were very popular. For boys I added a cuff instead of a ruffle!
UPCYCLED jeans & Jacket. Vintage trim
Won a contest with this design and was in Parent Magazine Ad
A little bit about one of my favorite things to do,hope I can share with some Mama's and get them sewing too!

Pantry - A Room In My View Mondays

The Pantry counts as a room,right? I figure if I can go in and shut the door it is a room! My door has upcycled panels. The panels are pressed tin from a farmhouse ceiling! It is one of my favorite things in the Kitchen!
View from the open door. I tore out all the contractor wire shelving-yuck! We used wide pine boards,I wanted it to have a farm kitchen feel. We love the space,storage and convenience of our new home but are always trying to make it a little rustic!
I HEART glass jars and use them for everything,baking supplies,treats,cereal,hate boxes! In my studio I use them for,oh!Wait! That is another room for another day!
Some Jars are vintage ,some dollar store,and some are pickle! Straws,pasta,popcorn,it all works!
Canning Jars with canning in them are the best! Next row is cereal.
The bottom is my rice cooker (thanks old Neighbor!) with a jar of rice,and an extra crockpot..I have a few..Baskets on the floor are great for empty jars waiting to be filled,extra staples,and more.

Pantry staples and quick meals sides,and snacks are all in rows and baskets. So easy to find everything!Little side shelf holds extra vitamins,spices and treats. Did you spot Roxy my 80's Bear? Every Country Pantry needs a Bear!

I love my huge pancake griddle,did not love having to wrestle it out of the cupboard so it has it's own space,sharing only with a basket of jello and pudding mixes. Floor baskets have lunch bags ready to fill and extra pasta for those big cook days!
Thank-you for visiting my pantry! I would love to see yours! Please link in the commnet section below!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Extreme Couponing Tuesday $store deal FPC's and More!

Welcome to Extreme Couponing in Canada Tuesdays!
We all love a deal! I love a deal that I can also give to others while providing for my family and saving! Overages are a magical way to get a deal. If a company sells something for $4 and you have a coupon for $4.50,you receive the .50 cents towards your purchases or back in cash in some instances. In Canada at this time to my knowledge this only occurs at Walmart. I usually donate the overages product,in this case I am donating the hot chocolate to a youth shelter as well. In this shop I also got some soy milk and bananas which have already been consumed. I paid the tax,overages paid the rest. The hot chocolate boxes contained FPC's or Free Product Coupons for Stouffers Sliders and Aero Bubbles,so those items were free! I was out of pocket around $5 for this shop!

In Canada Dollarama is accepting coupons, Nivea has a $2 coupon good on many things including their hand soap. The pumps and the refills are both stocked at Dollarama,the cost was only th tax! 21 of the refill will go to our town's foodbank,the rest into my stash for Christmas Hampers.

Iam often asked:where do you get all the coupons..the answer is instore,online,and thru coupon trains and trading at smart canucks..so much info at that site check it out!

We go to several stores and stock up on items we know we can get for free or close to it. We always leave some for the next person! Enjoy your day and share your coupon stories in the comment section below!

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Room in my View Mondays Little Dude's Room

Welcome to A Room in My View Mondays! First up Little Dude's Room!
The doorway view. The curtains and wall art were all made from Duvet covers. I bought 5 saving two for future bunkbed bedding! We used two tones of 'denim' blue paint and a bright orange chair rail to split the colours.
To make great use of the closet space we had the closet closed off to only the space that is reachable/usable from the doorway. The side parts of the closet that were unusable before now have built in shelves for books toys and more. They are super deep so I stash rotation toys and things I don't want little hands to reach in the back of each shelve.
Closet shelf right side,note the bottom is a super garage-two graters deep!
Closet shelf right side home for so many cuddly friends! Bean bag chair is a favorite spot for a book and a stuffy!
Crib is tucked into a corner cozy and safe! All animal pictures were cut form an extra duvet cover and stapled to inexpensive blank canvases. Leather stool has wheels to zoom around and toy storage.
Change area has all the essentials plus MORE toy storage! Change pad cover is made form Pillow shams. Big Sissie taught Little Bro that the green frog above his change table ROARS!
Rocking Chair in the corner is put to good use before bed time and nap time and for reading books! Love the circle rugs,they get new homes every day!
Please join me Mondays where I will show a different Room in My View!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thankful for...the end of the week and more!

Reaching Friday always brings me a sigh of relief and accomplishment..another week conquered! A week-end ahead to slow down and spend time with family and friends..
This week I am grateful for so many things.
The traveler at the stoplight making his way west for a job,the opportunity to share a small gift and a teachable moment with my girl. Wherever that Man is headed it is probably not to a warm home and family and if we can ease his journey in a small way,we are grateful for the opportunity.
The Geese that honk and swoop overhead as they prepare to journey south,I enjoy their beauty and sign of seasons changing,Little Man loves their evening fly-by's!
To be involved with a school that teaches girls to be strong independent women,I am so thankful and I remind myself of the privilege during that drive everyday!
My little family tucked safe in their beds, bellies full, toes cozy, and a sweet fall breeze flowing thru our home.
The Yellow Dog and the Black Dog each special in their doggy ways making me feel protected and safe.
The Man who holds us all together. He knows who he is!
My coupon buddy who helps me get such great finds and shares my passion of giving,her lists and insomnia make it all possible!
Soon will begin another week and unknown opportunities for gratitude lay ahead..

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On Bathing..Candles,Bubbles..the Works!

20 minutes or more to myself and I will be found in a hot bath ..Candles going,battery operated lovely candles,I am done with cleaning black soot,and leaky wax..A generous scope of relaxing salts,I buy huge jugs of epson salts at costco..I lay out my fuzzy bath matt,cozy towels I love that are mine alone,plush cloths for scrubbing, Body Shop satsuma flavored bubbles and bodywash.. AHHH!
I try to plan my soaking time,I ready the bathroom,spritz,wipe and spray out the tub,lay out my towels and bath goodies. This way after I have helped Little Man go down for his nap or bedtime,which is pretty much the only times I have to myself,I walk into my spa worthy bath,set to go! Turn on the water,hot mmmm hot,slide in and I am in my own world..
This soaking time eases my muscle,including the big gray one inside my head that seems to have such am impact on the rest of the muscles and how they are doing that day! Mama's need to take care of themselves so they can care for those who need them,a bath is a small thing or a huge thing depending on the day,but it is all for me!
Care to share your bathtime rituals? Comment below!

BBBRRRR bring back FAll!

Freezing temps last night..I hope all the blossoms flowering around town and in the city are still beautiful and not all withered and brown! The wind is howling and it feels like it could snow any minute! What's a Momma and little dude at home for the day to do?

Bake of course!Well at least get ready to bake. Mixed up a batch of sugar cookie to dough to bake this afternoon or maybe tomorrow afternoon after Y-Neighbors.. And do laundry always a bit of laundry to do isn't there?

Little dude loves to make and eat sugar cookies! One of his first words was COOKO! His stash in the freezer is gone and every time he asks for a cookie and I open the pantry door he howls NOOOO! Mama! He then pats the freezer door,cookie! Therefore cookies shall be made!

Warm grilled cheese for Lunch a little Clifford on the telly and off for a nap..I am not big on TV day or night but on a cozy day inside when we are used to playing in the warm sun a little is okay!

Tonight is the Annual Fall Carnival at Sister's school,the first on Little Bro will participate in an evening ofTtreats and Fun!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Extreme Coupouning in Canada..

I took the summer off from couponing. The time spent can be equivalent to a full time job..and it is not always toddler friendly waiting in line loading large carts etc. I have a coupon buddy and we are heading out today after our 10 week hiatus,so I will make Tuesday's extreme coupon days and share our hauls and tell you who we are donating to. I am focusing on the good we are trying to do by helping others and not pictures of my garage looking like a grocery store..In my life I will not use 300 deodorants,shave gels or tooth brushes..so we pass it on!
In the above photo I was able to donate a 'tide' to every family that uses our small town food bank.
Extreme Couponing in Canada can be a little more of a challenge but it can be done..This pic is of the 21 gift baskets We gave to our town's foodbank to distribute on Mother's Day 2011.
I wrapped up each gift and used a re-usable zip lock container as a basket-cause we all love containers!
These items were all bought with coupons ,most were free some we paid the tax on. Some coupons include tax others do not,read the fine print!
A family in need was brought to my attention and I quickly and easily put together a package for them from my 'stash' .Between January and June 2011 I was able to stock up on about $5000 worth of products for free or just paying the tax. I wish I would have kept all my receipts,but they were getting out of hand!
Diapers+wipes for a Catholic Women's League shower for Mother's in need.
My wall of ziploc..mostly donated..Could've kept it all,but like my husband said;there is a reason the hoarding show comes on right after the extreme couponing show!!
This haul was from stacking coupons,using more then one coupon with different UPC's on one product. Only one store in Canada offers this as far as I am aware.
I have donated more then 40 dozen cans of soup..
Small hall donated to a youth shelter,candy was .50cents a bag after Christmas.. to teens sugar is sugar!
So join us on Extreme Coupon Tuesday's and share your stories of deals,hauls,and helping others!