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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Extreme Couponing Tuesday $store deal FPC's and More!

Welcome to Extreme Couponing in Canada Tuesdays!
We all love a deal! I love a deal that I can also give to others while providing for my family and saving! Overages are a magical way to get a deal. If a company sells something for $4 and you have a coupon for $4.50,you receive the .50 cents towards your purchases or back in cash in some instances. In Canada at this time to my knowledge this only occurs at Walmart. I usually donate the overages product,in this case I am donating the hot chocolate to a youth shelter as well. In this shop I also got some soy milk and bananas which have already been consumed. I paid the tax,overages paid the rest. The hot chocolate boxes contained FPC's or Free Product Coupons for Stouffers Sliders and Aero Bubbles,so those items were free! I was out of pocket around $5 for this shop!

In Canada Dollarama is accepting coupons, Nivea has a $2 coupon good on many things including their hand soap. The pumps and the refills are both stocked at Dollarama,the cost was only th tax! 21 of the refill will go to our town's foodbank,the rest into my stash for Christmas Hampers.

Iam often asked:where do you get all the coupons..the answer is instore,online,and thru coupon trains and trading at smart canucks..so much info at that site check it out!

We go to several stores and stock up on items we know we can get for free or close to it. We always leave some for the next person! Enjoy your day and share your coupon stories in the comment section below!

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  1. I'm blown away by your posts on the couponing! And what a great way to be able to donate products and supplies to those in need! I'm glad to hear you are in Canada, so am I, but I had no idea you could get so much and pay so little! I do know that London Drugs does the coupon stacking. I have not tried it there though and London Drugs is not very close to us, so I rarely get there.

    I look forward to seeing more posts on your shopping trips!