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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BBBRRRR bring back FAll!

Freezing temps last night..I hope all the blossoms flowering around town and in the city are still beautiful and not all withered and brown! The wind is howling and it feels like it could snow any minute! What's a Momma and little dude at home for the day to do?

Bake of course!Well at least get ready to bake. Mixed up a batch of sugar cookie to dough to bake this afternoon or maybe tomorrow afternoon after Y-Neighbors.. And do laundry always a bit of laundry to do isn't there?

Little dude loves to make and eat sugar cookies! One of his first words was COOKO! His stash in the freezer is gone and every time he asks for a cookie and I open the pantry door he howls NOOOO! Mama! He then pats the freezer door,cookie! Therefore cookies shall be made!

Warm grilled cheese for Lunch a little Clifford on the telly and off for a nap..I am not big on TV day or night but on a cozy day inside when we are used to playing in the warm sun a little is okay!

Tonight is the Annual Fall Carnival at Sister's school,the first on Little Bro will participate in an evening ofTtreats and Fun!

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