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Friday, September 16, 2011

Thankful for...the end of the week and more!

Reaching Friday always brings me a sigh of relief and accomplishment..another week conquered! A week-end ahead to slow down and spend time with family and friends..
This week I am grateful for so many things.
The traveler at the stoplight making his way west for a job,the opportunity to share a small gift and a teachable moment with my girl. Wherever that Man is headed it is probably not to a warm home and family and if we can ease his journey in a small way,we are grateful for the opportunity.
The Geese that honk and swoop overhead as they prepare to journey south,I enjoy their beauty and sign of seasons changing,Little Man loves their evening fly-by's!
To be involved with a school that teaches girls to be strong independent women,I am so thankful and I remind myself of the privilege during that drive everyday!
My little family tucked safe in their beds, bellies full, toes cozy, and a sweet fall breeze flowing thru our home.
The Yellow Dog and the Black Dog each special in their doggy ways making me feel protected and safe.
The Man who holds us all together. He knows who he is!
My coupon buddy who helps me get such great finds and shares my passion of giving,her lists and insomnia make it all possible!
Soon will begin another week and unknown opportunities for gratitude lay ahead..

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