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Monday, September 12, 2011

Extreme Coupouning in Canada..

I took the summer off from couponing. The time spent can be equivalent to a full time job..and it is not always toddler friendly waiting in line loading large carts etc. I have a coupon buddy and we are heading out today after our 10 week hiatus,so I will make Tuesday's extreme coupon days and share our hauls and tell you who we are donating to. I am focusing on the good we are trying to do by helping others and not pictures of my garage looking like a grocery store..In my life I will not use 300 deodorants,shave gels or tooth brushes..so we pass it on!
In the above photo I was able to donate a 'tide' to every family that uses our small town food bank.
Extreme Couponing in Canada can be a little more of a challenge but it can be done..This pic is of the 21 gift baskets We gave to our town's foodbank to distribute on Mother's Day 2011.
I wrapped up each gift and used a re-usable zip lock container as a basket-cause we all love containers!
These items were all bought with coupons ,most were free some we paid the tax on. Some coupons include tax others do not,read the fine print!
A family in need was brought to my attention and I quickly and easily put together a package for them from my 'stash' .Between January and June 2011 I was able to stock up on about $5000 worth of products for free or just paying the tax. I wish I would have kept all my receipts,but they were getting out of hand!
Diapers+wipes for a Catholic Women's League shower for Mother's in need.
My wall of ziploc..mostly donated..Could've kept it all,but like my husband said;there is a reason the hoarding show comes on right after the extreme couponing show!!
This haul was from stacking coupons,using more then one coupon with different UPC's on one product. Only one store in Canada offers this as far as I am aware.
I have donated more then 40 dozen cans of soup..
Small hall donated to a youth shelter,candy was .50cents a bag after Christmas.. to teens sugar is sugar!
So join us on Extreme Coupon Tuesday's and share your stories of deals,hauls,and helping others!

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  1. So how do you manage to do Extreme Couponing in Canada? I like using coupons, it just seems to me impossible to do this here! :)