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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Extreme Couponing in Canada Tuesdays Christmas Shopping and Dollar Store deals

I got a great start on Christmas Shopping at Walmart yesterday-using overages! I cannot post the pictures as there are two foot spies everywhere. However I can tell you that 2011 Magical Barbie, 2 dozen Dinky toys,two very large noisy trucks and various stocking stuffers are hidden away for that magical day. Out of pocket $8 saved,$135! I also picked up a few Autumn decorating items for myself. I like to get my personal holiday shopping taken care of early and then I can focus on Christmas Hamper shopping and deal hunting, It also helps me not to buy more of those great deals for my kids when I know there surprises are plentiful and ready to go!
How many shopping days left? :)

Couponing at the dollar store? OH! Yeah!! The $ store already has great deals on things we use and love! I would have paid the $2 for these Nivea pumps and re-fills. Being that there is a $2 Nivea coupon out(actually there are two different ones) Free is fine by me! I chose to buy more re-fill pouches then dispensers because thet hold more soap,better deal! 21 refills are off to the foodbank the rest to the Christmas Hamper stash!
When our $ stores started accepting coupons we did a walk thru to see what they had and started to look for and trade applicable coupons. Bring your binder with you when you shop as a lot of name brand beauty,food,and cosmetics shows up on their shelves!

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  1. That was certainly the most coupons I ever seen used at the $$ store !!! LOL