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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pantry - A Room In My View Mondays

The Pantry counts as a room,right? I figure if I can go in and shut the door it is a room! My door has upcycled panels. The panels are pressed tin from a farmhouse ceiling! It is one of my favorite things in the Kitchen!
View from the open door. I tore out all the contractor wire shelving-yuck! We used wide pine boards,I wanted it to have a farm kitchen feel. We love the space,storage and convenience of our new home but are always trying to make it a little rustic!
I HEART glass jars and use them for everything,baking supplies,treats,cereal,hate boxes! In my studio I use them for,oh!Wait! That is another room for another day!
Some Jars are vintage ,some dollar store,and some are pickle! Straws,pasta,popcorn,it all works!
Canning Jars with canning in them are the best! Next row is cereal.
The bottom is my rice cooker (thanks old Neighbor!) with a jar of rice,and an extra crockpot..I have a few..Baskets on the floor are great for empty jars waiting to be filled,extra staples,and more.

Pantry staples and quick meals sides,and snacks are all in rows and baskets. So easy to find everything!Little side shelf holds extra vitamins,spices and treats. Did you spot Roxy my 80's Bear? Every Country Pantry needs a Bear!

I love my huge pancake griddle,did not love having to wrestle it out of the cupboard so it has it's own space,sharing only with a basket of jello and pudding mixes. Floor baskets have lunch bags ready to fill and extra pasta for those big cook days!
Thank-you for visiting my pantry! I would love to see yours! Please link in the commnet section below!


  1. I looked but couldn't see the Bear !! LOL I love the door!!! plus you are so organized ! once I settle in from my move I will ppost some pics :)

  2. Haha! Thank-you! The bear is in the 7th picture between the crackers and paper towel!