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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vintage Blue Metallic Tree gives way to Vintage Blue Art Glass

Vintage tree Love! Last Christmas(2010) we went away for the Holidays to a country lodge. I wanted to bring some Christmas with us,I had found this vintage blue tinsel tree at a favorite resale store for a whopping $3! I brought it home and Hubby was strangely excited..that tree reminds me of Christmas at my Grandmas! Perfect! Into the truck it went! I also brought lighted garland and wreaths but that is a tale for another time!
Christmas 2012 found us at home and decorations abound! I found a special place for the Blue Tree in our Master Bedroom, atop an antique buffet that was in my parents dining room for 30 years after they rescued it from a storage garage. As the season wound down we did not want to put the tree away,loving the way the blue works with the paint color and light in the room.
Blue Art Glass Love!
Off to my resale store I went, just to browse and found the perfect piece to replace the blue tree! I love art glass and have recently started collecting pieces. This fit our master and will be our 'blue tree' for the other 3 seasons! Can you take a guess at what I paid? ;)
The New Year is fully upon us! Valentine's Day is almost here! Please comment,it makes my day!

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