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Monday, March 22, 2010

Pressed Tin Tile Projects Pantry Door + Wall Art

Reno+repair is the name of the games we are playing these days..My pantry door needed to have the glass replaced or be gone all together..I showed my contracter/slash handyman Dane some photos of pie safes telling him how much I love pressed tin and perhaps we can replace the glass with reproduction tin tiles or something similair...The super-man of reno's made a phone call and came up with 25 tiles from a 100 year old farmhouse!!! I was astounded!!
Dane spent a saturday crafting my new pantry door using the old door and some of the pressed tin! I am in LOVE with it! I added a repo glass nob although I am on the hunt for an original..It really stands out in the kitchen and when we get the counter tops done I will post more photos! I am hoping to have some sort of pressed tin for the backsplash as well.

The following Monday as a huge surpise Dane framed up the best of the tiles for me! It brought tears to my eyes! He is such a kind man and talented handyman! We hace 21 more tiles for projects who knows what we may come up with next!!!!


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting- I'm so glad you did or I never would have found your fun site!

    I have to say your little blonde boy is about the cutest thing I've ever seen- especially in that bear hat! OMG- that's amazing. The boy has some chunky cheeks and they look delicious!

  2. Great door! I adore pie safes and long for the day I have one in my possession! I would love to tile my kitchen ceilings one day, too. Great project!

    I'm visiting from ASPTL. :)

    - Michele